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Earthbuilders - Live Action Cast?


Right now, EARTHBUILDERS is approaching to its first season finale, this August 3rd.

Every tuesday we've delivered a screen written by cyberpunk meister RG Llarena (Heavy Metal, Pop Gun), with astonishing pencils by Axel Medellin (Elephant Men, 50 Girls 50) and colors out of this world by Felipe Sobreiro (Heavy Metal, Pop Gun, Cthulhu Tales)

Do you remember that game in the wizard magazine called "Casting Call"?

Well guys, is time to play it now, with the characters of Earthbuilders!

First of all, our all time favorite boozehound and wireless living device, Tor Mortensen, portrayed by John Simm (41). This british actor is no stranger in sci-fi, right now playing The Master in UK cult-classic Dr Who. Take a look at his work in the great series "Life on Mars" about time travel paradoxes.

Irina Souto, the Terraforming Ground Oversser for the Fleet at New Saapmi, would be nicely played by Antonia Thomas (27) Recently debuted in UK TV series "Misfits", if you haven't seen it, do it and you'll remember Antonia, I know what I'm talking about.

She looks great for a 90 years old woman and has the guts to stand a hard ride with the EB team! Canadian blonde Sarah Chalke (34) famous by the "Scrubs", can easily make another doctor for me.

Selim Al-Rajid, the heroic Security Specialist of the EB, should be portrayed by an actor who isn't LOST anymore: Naveen Andrews (41) Every one else, back off!

Selim's brother-of-arms, Jake, portrayed by Josh Duhamel (38), is another scifi name, known by the Transformers movies. Just put a glass helmet and a harpoon on his hand and you'll have a guy who doesn't like mutant orcas or grasshopper-hearing guys.

Admiral Joseph Stapledon, the tough guy commanding The Fleet in all the human colonies across the galaxy, portrayed by Richard Burgi (52) he has experience at the scifi front with "Starship Troopers 2" and "Firefly".

And finally, even if she doesn't tough enough, chineses actress Ziyi Zhang (31) not only can throw flying daggers and remember a geisha, but kick some bioterrorists as Stapledon's right arm Eun Kyong Eonni.

That's a cast I'd like to watch!

But in the meantime, go and check EARTHBUILDERS, I'm sure you'll like it, please give us feed back and remember...
...The Fleet Endures!


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