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Earthbuilders - Casting Call!


Since August last year, EARTHBUILDERS has been updating every Tuesday in the Zuda/DC comics website.

Script chores are done by RG Llarena (Heavy Metal Magazine, Popgun), pencils and inks by Axel Medellín (Elephantmen, 50 Girls 50, Heavy Metal Magazine), colors and letters by Felipe Sobreiro (Chutulhu Tales, Heavy Metal Magazine) and previously plotted by yours truly, Abraham Martinez (Heavy Metal Magazine, Planet Lovecraft Magazine).

Now that our webcomic is approaching the end of its first season and that I had some free time thanks to a heavy rainstorm that’s hitting hard outside, I remembered when movies based on comic book properties where a rarity and I used to like the feature “Casting Call” found in Wizard Magazine.

Well, I think it’s time to platy that game now, using Earthbuilder’s characters!

Our booze hound and wireless living device, Tor Mortensen will be portrayed by John Simn (41). This British actor is no stranger to sci-fi as he’s now playing The Master in the UK cult-classic “Dr Who”. He also appeared in the series “Life on Mars”.

Irina Souto, a high ranking official of the Terraforming Fleet is played by Antonia Thomas (27). She recently debuted in the UK TV series “Misfits”.

Canadian actress Sarah Chalke (34) famous by her appearances in the TV series “Scrubs” will play another doctor in our movie, taking the role of gorgeous Dr. Sikká.

Special agent Selim al-Rajid should be portrayed by an actor who isn’t “Lost” anymore; Naveen Andrews (41). I will certainly root for him!

Known by his role in “Transformers” Josh Duhamel (38) will play our other special agent, Jake Robinson.

Admiral Joseph Stapledon, the tough guy commanding the Terraforming Fleet is portrayed by Richard Burgi (52). He’s a perfect candidate, judging by his roles in “Starship Troopers 2” and “Firefly”

And last but not least, Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang (31) will kick some asses as she plays the bloodthirsty Terraforming Fleet officer Eun Kyong Eonni.

That's a cast I'd like to watch! Please Riddley Scott (director) and James Cameron (he’s going to produce it) take note.

That’s all for and we’ll just have to wait sometime to see this great movie. In the meantime please go and check EARTHBUILDERS, If you like it please leave a comment in our talkback section. That’s always appreciated.

And remember…

...The Fleet Endures!


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